About Me

My years at The Trinidad School of Preaching and Harding University really assisted in shaping the foundation for my Faith, to where I was not casually affiliating with others or just passively observing what they did in response to “Church”. I struggled with many hard questions and had much sleepless nights, yet through it all, i came to the understanding  that  Faith has to be owned, before it could be shared out of sincere belief.

  I understood that scripture was made for man (for transformation and continued guidance); that Gods grace and mercy shines through his commandments and that those illuminated by its exposure, should be a light to others, not just in fulfilling the functions of “church administration” but in being a living body, made up of lively stones, that exchange their temporary earthly lives for the gift of Gods grace unto eternity with him.

Grace that inspires us to see God working through  all situations and circumstances ; zeal that lovingly constrains us to pursue others and invite them to the soul food feast, with a relational Gospel, where we don’t just encourage church attendance, but the attendance of hearts and minds to the understanding and practice of God’s will ; to be aware, joyful and dedicated to making disciples as we go to the play grounds, work places, super markets and yes even the seminaries, where sometimes we stress theology isolated from real life. In a nutshell, this is the journey and thoughts I have, when it comes to a philosophy of Ministry. This has been for me and continues to be a journey of awesome wonder and maturing changes, as we progressively reflect the character and person of Jesus, in our human interactions.

So indeed thanks be to God through the work of Christ, in the power of the Spirit…. may we live faithfully to see him as he is and be changed into like nature, as we enter pearly gates, walking on golden streets.