Everything is O “Kay”

Life is perspective and perspective makes life: enjoyable or detestable. One morning the point was re-affirmed in my mind, while walking through the building where I work. I met with my co-worker, who had recently had surgery on her left arm. That particular morning I asked her how she had managed to drive to work, having one hand in a sling /holster type brace. She said she took her time and tried her best to do it, because the alternative scared her—i.e. having her dad, who is ninety one years and change drive for her was an experience just the day before—with abrupt braking and failure to comply with speed limits. Lol.

So she went on to describe that ordeal and in speaking further, I found out that she had recently had knee surgery and was due for more surgery in the next few months. On top of that she has been limited with regard to household stuff and just helping her husband with chores etc. So, the summary of her situation is as follows:  2-3 surgeries weeks’ apart/pain medicine/lack of ability to help at home/demands of the job because of the financial aspect it entails/driving in this limited fashion and dealing with different people/personalities. In the midst of this, she still smiles and demonstrates a wonderful attitude.

It really made me stop and say WOOW. And then I got it; I got what God was saying to me through my sister/co-worker/lady under immense pressure, yet still had a great attitude—he was saying life is perspective; that if you’re in Christ, it counts more that he is by your side, as oppose to the many things that test us emotionally, physically and all the other “ally’s” …Life is good and I can choose to have a great attitude because I serve God for who he is and not what he gives me. He is Lord and he knows my needs. This is so amazing. So were down, but not defeated; hurt, but not all spent and tested, but never given to failure…everything is and will be O “KAY”…with God .