The “LIFE”….. In Death



It’s amazing how society pushes the subject of death aside in our culture. We give brief mentions, usually communicated with adjectives that convey defeat, darkness, hopelessness, or unending sorrow. I could understand this reaction to death from a worldly perspective, yet I cannot and refuse to understand it from a Christian/Biblical perspective.

Death, according to the Apostle Paul gives way to victory. In First Corinthians 15:42ff, he mentions the death of our physical bodies and describes the whole process and transition with joyful words such as: imperishable /glory/power/spiritual body. The fact is, when a Christian dies, we have not lost them. We’ve not lost a son, or daughter, a father, mother, wife or husband; for now, they are truly found in real, immortal life. The seed is buried and the final emerging body from that dull and mortal seed is glorious and everlasting.

We need to change our adjectives used to describe death and look at it through scriptural lenses. It’s like that person going to vacation, on one of the Caribbean islands. With tickets in hand, they know that are a space is guaranteed for them on the plane, traveling to a blissful destination. They are waiting for the flight to depart feeling excited and joyful (at least those who are not fearful of flying). With death, the analogy is similar. We have our tickets (salvation; the seal of the Spirit; the promised return of Christ and the guarantee of a new body) – With this ticket, cancer cannot intimidate us; terminal illness cannot scare us into a depression where we desperately want to hold on to this life as a “seed”. We will be like Paul, in his words to Timothy—I am ready to be offered up/ the time of my departure is at hand and I know a reward awaits. A reward that outweighs the best things we could ever experience in this life.

We are not given a spirit of fear, in the face of a hateful world or eminent death…As the glory of a plant is not in the seed, but in the blossom that springs from an earthly grave of soil, so to, our earthly bodies are just temporary housing for our spirits that are set for indescribable splendor! So what is death and the sting thereof….absolutely nothing that should shake us enough to steal our joy and smile! We are in the SONSHINE of Life, even in Death.