More Ears , Less Lip !

Today, a quick pick up game of soccer was on the menu, as I often
enjoy the exercise and fun of it all, on a regular basis. The game was as
usual, yet the events almost to the end and thereafter, were unusual for such a game, which generally brings people together. There was a new guy, who came with his buddy to join us today; all was well and the new guy was really trying hard and playing decent, yet as all of us, he had his moments when he did lose the ball. No one made a big deal of the situation, except this one older guy, who was just irate and rude. He kept cursing the new guy, even unto the end. He made statements stemming from advocating that if someone couldn’t understand English, they should not be allowed to play, to vehemently screaming at the new guy “Are you deaf ? ” , all the while with his hand in the guys face, motioning and
making rude gestures !

I wondered why the new guy wasn’t defending himself. However, that limbo in thought came to a screeching halt, when it was confirmed that he was indeed deaf. His buddy told the angry man that he was indeed deaf and he even tried to communicate to him, the displeasure of the angry man in sign language. All the angry man said was that he did not know and that no one told him the new guy was deaf. It was very distasteful to see how he tried to play the victim, when repercussions of his less than human behavior, came back to bite. I felt so very bad for the new guy; he not only had a disability, but he was now being trampled on verbally and he could not even do anything about it.
As they left, I motioned to him to express that it was a good game and that I at least, approved of his effort and Spirit.

I was reminded of the words James wrote: James 1:19-20
“…My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

May we observe humanity with our heart and see others with the eyes of Jesus; not reacting to people and situations, but responding in love and redeeming language. Once we allow words to leave our tongues, we cannot change the results, be they good or bad.