Customer Service From Above

Customer service agents spend the greater part of their careers on
the phone, helping, directing, explaining and then some. Often times, they are
greeted with putrid personalities and immature characters amidst the constant
cry for help and assistance. At least they have the evenings after work to take
a break; take some sick days off, or to go on vacation each year.

I firmly believe that no one would ever want to take calls from a
number of people each day, each minute, each hour 24/7. That would drive anyone
crazy. In the movie Bruce Almighty, actor Jim Carey proposes to play the part
of God and begins to go stir crazy, as all the prayers and requests for help
around the world, rings constantly in his ear. Isaiah the prophet tells us that
the lord’s ear is not heavy that he cannot hear… (Isa. 59:1-2).

He does what we as humans could never undertake, keeping our
sanity and function. He sees the good and the evil; he hears the cry for help
of the people fighting addictions; the people being abused and tormented ; the
runaways and the ones imprisoned by their circumstances, or evil and heartless
men who seek to prey upon others. The Lord hears all the troubles and cries of
our world and is ever mindful that justice will run like a river and he will
save us from this world. So to those who say that God is far in the distance,

disconnected and unconcerned, please think again. He carries all the prayers
and feels all the hurt and pain daily—something we cannot even fathom or grasp
and he has promised to make all things right. What a God of concern; what a God
of love !