Signs of Intelligent Life !

 The quest for intelligent life has shown up where technology is most advanced.
In 1977, the voyager was sent, out to study the atmosphere of planets, and
detect magnetic fields. There was also a message included for other civilizations.
It was also designed to sound out the first movement of Ludwig Beethoven’s 5th
symphony.It seems absurd that man would seek to find intelligent life
on other planets, when on this Planet, we fail to realize that true wisdom and
so much intelligence lies within the people God created, to fellowship with him.
Today, we understand that God did send his own voyager in the person of Christ,
to remind us that intelligent life can be found in the Body of Christ –he didn’t
come to search for it, but to remind us that we have it.

From the beginning of Galatians, Paul asks, “who has bewitched you?” who has duped you into thinking that intelligent life, abundant life can be found somewhere else. What happened to your God-given intelligence? What happened to the SINGS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE?

It is truly amazing to find out that the “Iroquois Indians” attributed divinity to retarded children, gave them an honored place in the tribe, and treated them as gods.  In their unselfconscious freedom, they were a transparent window into the Great Spirit – into the heart of Jesus Christ who loves us as we are and not as we should be, in the state of grace or disgrace, beyond caution, boundary, regret, or breaking point.”

So True intelligence is not brain power, but the power of love: to set free, to serve and to grow as a compassionate human in the light of God, for that is what he did for us. So to sum up Galatians 5:1-26, what are these signs? Personal freedom v. 1-6 /Public service v. 7-15/Positive Fruit v. 16-26. A church/people or community living in the presence of the divine would be known by these principles and others would be drawn!