Church Growth: False Models vs. Incarnational Evangelism

The most outrageous “false model” I have encountered happens to be the following: A local congregation back home spends about $15,000 dollars to pay preachers for a huge Gospel Crusade for the year and no one does follow up on contacts, or even goes out into the fields to really invite others. Fact is, over 80 % of those in the crusade are already members. The
thought was “If you spend it, they will come”. Not in this case!

Incarnational evangelism involves Spreading the Gospel, by firstly PREPARING-
learning the important matters such as Love, Justice, mercy, and salvation. Secondly, PRACTICING- those things on a day to day basis, by assisting all in need, as best you can, whether in material or spiritual things. And lastly, patiently CONTINUING to be an example by showing fruits that you have read, understand and believe scripture. In time, you will have an audience to read scripture with, or answer questions for. This will be the end result of you taking part in their lives FIRST!

This concept is hard to understand in a society built on overnight success, instant coffee,
microwave meals, or ready-made fast food. We don’t want to wait patiently for
good things, cultivating, learning and maturing as we grow. In Christianity, God has no timeline—his goal has always been to guide the spiritual transformation of “quality” people. So what are we in for these days……Quality or Quantity?


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