What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas ?

So I gear up to write a sermon regarding the “what  happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ” expression and these are the thoughts I have before……in poetic form

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

But one day soon it shall come to light

The deeds of men, in the dark of night

The choice not to love but to fuss and fight

The paths we walk be they wrong or right,

The good we refuse just to hold folly tight.


Don’t fight when these words fall on your ear

Just bow to the savior, for he’s everywhere

In pursuit of your soul, with blessings untold,

According to riches his proverbial hand could ever hold

Still Men die because of pride and the half will never be told

Nor will it ever be, untoward eternity

If you live eternally, let it be with majesty.

Please pray for me, that my eyes may see

The lion of Judah, who was sent to rescue me

From the lights of Vegas and its temptation…..please lead us (R.J)

It seems that many people still think of sin as something you could pet, pamper, play with and hide. A hand we push away when we had enough, or an embrace to fall into when we’re tempted, leaving it’s clutches as we wish. On the contrary, What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas ;it plays out in 10 thousand places,  leaving in its dust squandered people, emotionally drained, disturbed mothers and depressed fathers; nervous and edgy young people, with nothing to show for the pleasures enjoyed for a season. Though the poem is simple and the rhyme elementary, it conveys such a great point to remember, as set forth by the track record of humanity running from the divine stamp and calling..

Luke 12: 3 (NASB) “Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be
heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be
proclaimed upon the housetops