Dissapointment threads in the fabric of spiritual growth

Today was another challenging day . i find myself struggling to make good on investments and ventures geared to bless the life of my family and myself. my carnal nature insisted that i entertain thoughts of  having bad luck or the case of the occasional curse. as i went home i saw my family inclusive of my wife and daughter and i had to conclude that i am truly blessed ! . it seems so often when struggles come, we get frustrated and feel like we are about to loose our mind and calm emotion, steadily forgetting that we walk by faith and not fluctuating circumstance–it is easy to encourage someone to keep on or preach a masterful sermon on faith and endurance, yet when the lesson moves from the confines of historic Jerusalem and escapes the daily life of a lame man at the gate called beautiful, it shows up in our lives ;walking your paths and dictating the frequency of our blessings and your setback..this is where rubber meets road and Christianity lives and breathes..i thank God for struggles;;they point me to him and teach me  to wait..as i wait, i can praise and feel relaxed knowing that if he took care of flowers, he will take care of me and though that may not happen on a material level, it will happen on the most important level ; the spiritual. i say this with trepidation and minimal fear as i live in a society where things are readily accessible and so many opportunities exists in modern comfort and  free for all, yet, we must be sober and do the things, say the prayers and attend the services that would keep our affection on higher things..may the lord bless me and you to understand  in joy or  disappointment ; to have life and have it abundantly ; to never give up, having the audacity to hope against hope and walk even when no paths have been laid—WE LAY NEW ONES !!!!